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A question about a recipe: My Coffee Group's Favorite Bircher Muesli


I have a question about the recipe "My Coffee Group's Favorite Bircher Muesli " from healthierkitchen. is apple necessary to bircher muesli?

asked by tammany 8 months ago
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added 8 months ago

Argh! I hit "send" before I finished my question. I meant to ask: does the apple do "something" to the oats that is vital to the bircher-ness? If I skip it, will it alter more than the taste? I'm stuck in a short term rental with no grater!!

Thanks so much!

added 8 months ago

Apples are not necessary, and you don't have to grate them--you can slice them thinly. I use whatever fruit is in season--so I usually make Müsli during the spring and summer when I have a wide variety of fruit available.

added 8 months ago

Thanks Maedi! I didn't know if the acidity did something to 'cook' the oats or not. I will forage ahead with yogurt and milk overnight and berries in the morning!

added 7 months ago

I think the oats soften solely because of the absorption of liquid. You don't even need to soak overnight. The oats are chewier, but still good.