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Do you have an unusual recipe for collard greens?

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Homemadecornbread added over 3 years ago

I stir fry them with a chopped smoked chipotle pepper til tender. I also use them in a soup with fresh fish and rice noodles and asian seasoning, or a fish soup with coconut milk and curry. Right now I have some drying in a low oven to make collard chips. And of course, there's the southern classic cooked with ham or bacon. I grow them in my backyard garden and they are abundant and delicious right now.

Effie added over 3 years ago

I'm planning to prepare collards this evening by doing the following - chiffonade, saute in batches with olive oil, lots of galic, shallots, leeks, assorted bell peppers, and crushed red pepper; finish with white miso and a little water. Simmer til done (done is subjective - until the texture satisfies you). You can replace miso with fish sauce or fermented bean paste or (tamer) a little stock.

innoabrd added over 3 years ago

I like to do this Indian dish with collards:


QueenOfGreen added over 3 years ago

I haven't tried this yet, but it's been in my clippings notebook, waiting for New Year's Day. http://projects.eveningedge...


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added over 3 years ago

I've made this recipe with collards:

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