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A question about a recipe: Misoyaki Roast Chicken with Shoyu Onion Sauce


I have a question about the recipe "Misoyaki Roast Chicken with Shoyu Onion Sauce" from WuNotWoo. Would you recommend using an oven bag to make it even more juicy? Or would that lose the crispy skin? I'm new to oven bags...

asked by drea 11 months ago
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added 11 months ago

I would try as is first. Since this is a finalist recipe, it means that it has been tested and found to be good as is. One thing you can do, I find makes chicken a bit more juicy, is start it on the breast side then turn half way. A bit awkward, I usually do this with a wooden spoon stuck in the cavity and a washable oven mitt. But don't bother turning if you don't mind about a bit less crispy breast. I don't really know about using oven bags I can't see the advantage for something this short cooking. Bagging it steam cooks it, then finishes by roasting when you open the bag, I guess. Maybe better to try with a turkey. Anyway, thanks for asking about it, sounds like such a good and simple one to try.