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Ideas for an easily reheated meal (which can be consumed while holding a baby)? Am bringing over dinner to friends with a newborn - they are fish eating vegetarians; don't like spicy food (i.e., no Indian/Mexican).

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katiebakes added over 3 years ago

Maybe some kind of vegetarian potato or bean soup- would be easy to eat, reheat, and very soothing. Also perhaps some type of casserole (tuna casserole?). I am a fish-eating vegetarian and those things sound like they would be really good after having a baby. And some fresh baked bread would be nice too.

jenmmcd added over 3 years ago

After having a baby your body is craving protien but some people say to stay away from beans b/c if you're nursing they can make the baby gassy (though that's not necessarily true, hard to say). I agree that a tuna noodle casserole would be good or perhaps a quiche packed with spinach (iron is also great for new moms) and cheese (calcium). You can send with undressed salad and a great bread. Or maybe bring some eggplant parm that they can freeze.


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added over 3 years ago

I brought the (not barefoot) contessa's fish pasta to my stepson and daughter-in-law when their baby was born. I reheated the sauce in the oven and cooked the pasta there. Here's the link: http://www.food52.com/recipes...

BrooklynBridget added over 3 years ago

What about a hearty soup like potato leek with homemade croutons? Or a mushroom lasagna?

Midge added over 3 years ago

Funny, I was thinking about posting the exact same question yesterday. Ended up bringing my friends homemade mac + cheese and a big green salad. Seemed like it was a hit.

dianepage added over 3 years ago

After I had my first baby my pescatarian friends brought over spinach quiche and fruit salad. Fantastic for eating cold standing over the sink and also for popping in the toaster oven when I had five minutes to do so. Cheese and eggs provided protein and spinach helped with iron-cravings. If you're being generous I'd say you could bring multiples and switch up the fillings; any leftovers would freeze well too.

allie added over 3 years ago

Thanks to everyone!


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added over 3 years ago

Black Bean Chili is my bring to friends meal. It's so easy to reheat and to eat. The day after the WTC fell down I brought it to a friend (her brother was missing). I adapted the recipe from The Greens Cookbook. I've made it for up to 100 people and so far nobody hasn't like it and there seems to be nobody out there with a chili allergy.


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added over 3 years ago

p.s. can make it mild if they don't like spicy, have fed this to everyone, including toddlers who are mostly spice haters

allie added over 3 years ago

I ended up making an asian themed salmon, an orzo salad with feta, tomatoes and pinenuts, string beans and lots of fruit salad. The suggestions above were wonderful.

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