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My chili is too sweet, what should I do?

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added over 3 years ago

What sweetness is in there? Tomatoes? You could make a bitter beer and cornflour slurry and add that, or something smoky like a smoked hot paprika, or some dried chilies if you can take some additional heat.

Bevi added over 3 years ago

I always add a bottle of beer to chili. It adds a bitter taste and flattens any sweetness from adding tomatoes. A bit more cayenne pepper help as well. Corona works fine for me.

Jon Palmer added over 3 years ago

These two replies are spot-on. A flavorful bitter component and a little spice or smoke is the way to attack this problem.

POTATO added over 3 years ago

I love these suggestions. I would also add some of the sauce from a can of Chipotle in Adobo, and some of the chili's in the can as well. Easy though, it can get spicy quick but it lends a smoky flavor as the chili's are smoked jalapenos. Dry mustard would probably offset the sweetness too.

healthierkitchen added over 3 years ago

All good ideas! I think I'd go with a little more heat and maybe a touch of unsweetened cocoa.

prettyPeas added over 3 years ago

I like the cocoa idea--I also sometimes add a little coffee to these types of dishes.

campagnes added over 3 years ago

My chili recipe uses brown sugar, and sometimes I overdo it. When I do, I add a shot or two of white vinegar.. makes it sweet/tangy instead of just sweet. All the other suggestions sound fantastic, too.. I think I'll try beer in mine next time.

RobertaJ added over 3 years ago

I'd try acid, too. Like a shot of lime juice, maybe half a lime, or to taste. Lime juice is a natural with chili flavors.

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