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What kind of wash can I use to give my vegan challah a nice shine? I've tried suggestions I found elsewhere: water, oil, corn starch. None of them shine like egg whites

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TiggyBee added over 3 years ago

Have you tried soy products? Milk or cream for example?


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added over 3 years ago

Have you tried sugar and water (brushing it on toward the end of baking)?

allie added over 3 years ago

Maple syrup!

allie added over 3 years ago

Also, can you post your vegan challah? For vegan friends, I adapted an eggless challah from The Blessing of Bread by Maggie Glazer, but always am looking for more options.

pottedherbs added over 3 years ago

As an egg-allergic person I would also love to see your recipe!

lapadia added over 3 years ago

Challah A couple of thoughts:

Non-diastatic malt powder gives baked goods better flavor and a shinier, browner crust. It's used in everything from bagels to croissants to breakfast cereals. It can be found online at King Arthur.

In addition I use a butter flavor cooking spray (I like the Crisco brand), spray on before baking and again right out of the oven – attached an example of a bread I baked using the cooking spray...crisco brand gives shine and a nice extra flavor.

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