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I suddenly miss what I know of as "arepas." They were always available in Panama supermarkets, pre-made: a thick ground corn cake with cheese that was griddle-cooked (I believe they are also found in Colombia, but names of foods can get confusing). Anybody know where I would start for sourcing the right type of corn (and what that type is)? I believe it's just this corn and water and cheese, but maybe there are other ingredients that people could enlighten me about? I never saw them made. I know I can just use a fresh white cheese and that's easy enough to find.

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susan g added about 3 years ago

Goya makes "masarepa" -- specially treated cornmeal (masa) intended for arepas. Look at an Hispanic store, hopefully somewhere near you, or order online. My experience is limited, but I have tried a recipe that worked well, from www.andreasrecipes.com. She calles them Columbian Arepas. Now I'll look for enlightenment from other FPers.

davidpdx added about 3 years ago

Might also try Mark Bittman's recipe from a few years ago: Here is a link: http://nyti.ms/31m6nz

phyllis added about 3 years ago

Was just going to post Mark Bittman's recipe for you, but I see that davidpdx has alreadt done it. I've made it a few times, and thought it was quite tasty. I don't know if it's as authentic as you are used to, but you could certainly tweak.

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