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Dear foodpickle , I am desperate for good malt powder that is NOT ovaltine. Can you recommend a good brand & online ordering site? Thx!

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betteirene added over 3 years ago


thirschfeld added over 3 years ago

what is the application because there is organic barley malt syrup that is wonderful and can be used much the same and you can buy it at whole foods

HeritageCook added over 3 years ago

King Arthur has the best that I've found... http://www.kingarthurflour...

lapadia added over 3 years ago

Made with barley; there are two types of malt powder: diastatic and non-diastatic. Diastatic malt contains active enzymes that help break starch down into sugar, feeding the yeast, helping the bread to rise, and gives the bread a browner crust too. Non-diastatic malt doesn't have active enzymes, but it gives baked goods better flavor and a shinier, browner crust. It's used in everything from bagels to croissants to breakfast cereals. I have used non-diastatic for years and bought from King Arthur, see (above) betteirene's link to King Arthurs.

lapadia added over 3 years ago

additional note: like heritagecook's (malted milk powder) King Arthur link too, assumed you are baking, whatever the case, I have been happy with their product in general vs. using syrup, because I don' t like dealing with the stickness...just my preference.

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