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What are the best substitutes for cognac? I've done a little research myself, but want to know what has been best for you guys from experience.

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runsnmx added about 3 years ago

oh, and if this is helpful, I'm trying a recipe from this website. Chicken breasts in a mustardy sauce.

usuba dashi added about 3 years ago

All cognac is brandy (distilled wine), but not all brandy is cognac. . . so, you can substitute most brandies for cognac. Little secret, I once fooled one of the top NY French chefs in a blind tasting of cognac, but I threw Bushmill's Black Bush before it was imported into the USA. He thought it was brandy!

RobertaJ added about 3 years ago

Any domestic brandy will work fine as substitute for Cognac in cooking applications, especially where the flavor of the brandy is not a key element. As with other cooking spirits, though, don't use it to cook with if you wouldn't drink it.

runsnmx added about 3 years ago

Thanks guys. I appreciate it!

nice rice added 5 months ago

thank you , maybe when the flambe dies down my dinner guests won't be the wiser Happy Thanksgiving !

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