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Suggestions for a pasta sauce or ingredients to toss with a pasta that includes a mix of flavors (beet, spinach, turmeric, carrot, basil, squid ink, tomato).

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katiebakes added over 3 years ago

Well, if it were mine, I would not want an overpowering sauce, so perhaps a very light pomodoro sauce or use it to make a primavera with light vegetables, basil, and butter wine sauce. Hope this helps.

allie added over 3 years ago

The pasta includes all of those flavors in one?? I'd stick with olive oil and parmesan (maybe garlic?) and salt - the pasta is complicated enough. Or do you want those flavors in your sauce?

thirschfeld added over 3 years ago

you have your sauce, turmeric, squid ink, tomato and basil.


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added over 3 years ago

agree that all you need is either olive oil or butter or try a mix of the two, some garlic, very lightly cooked, and grated parm and pepper.

swshipman added over 3 years ago

Agreed with others: keep it simple. A simple, but classic blend of a very few ingredients is Buccatini all'Amatriciana. This is a pretty decent start: http://italianfood.about...

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