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I went out to the guest house and found I had forgotten about 20 bottles of beer in the refrigerator, all leftover from a fund raising party last year. It has got to be really stale. It wasn't even great beer to begin with. Any ideas what I can do with so much stale beer besides recycle the bottles?

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Michael is a developer at Food52.

added about 3 years ago

You can make vinegar! The Ideas in Food book has detailed instructions. Here are some of their blog posts about it:



betteirene added about 3 years ago

kayb's http://www.food52.com/recipes... or see above
Beer Bread (see above)
Beer and Bisquick batter for fish, zucchini and jalapeno poppers
Save it for St. Patrick's Day and dye it green.

latoscana added about 3 years ago

They might be just fine - pop one open to see if it's flat.

Sam1148 added about 3 years ago

If it's not flat. And it really shouldn't be if it's been in the fridge. Use it for tempura batter.
If it is flat (unlikely) Save it for summer or St. Pat's day. to boil and steam cabbage and corn beef. Then for boiled hot dogs or sausages in the summertime or additions to chili, or stews.

Nora added about 3 years ago

Shrimp (in the shell) boiled in beer is delicious.

Helen's All Night Diner added about 3 years ago

If it's not good beer to begin with, I say pitch it. I have the same rule for cooking with beer as with cooking with wine. If you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it. Just because it isn't flat doesn't mean that it is drinkable.

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