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Veggie-Wash: useful product or waste of money?

asked by lifestooshort about 4 years ago
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A waste of money. A rinse in white vinegar solution is more effective.

A shallow search.

and this.
"But the cleaning method that worked the best was the dilute vinegar rinse. It removed 98 percent of the bacteria."

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Agree, a waste of money. When traveling and working in the developing world the advice was to rinse veggie's in a mixture of bleach and water. Samm1148 is right on with the vinegar rinse, more effective and fewer side effects. And the other tried and true is to buy organic from local farms.


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Total waste of money unless your name happens to be Rachael Ray.

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Depends on where you live. We spent three years in New Delhi where the irrigation water came complete with a fertilizing element, if you get my drift. Yes, you could SMELL the water, and it wasn't pretty. So there, anything we weren't cooking, we soaked in an iodine solution.

Is there an actual veggie wash product they'll sell you? Now that's probably a huge waste of money...bleach and idodine are cheap, and just a few drops is all it takes!

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A total & complete waste!