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eggs, once cracked

Can I save them in fridge a day? i just got ready to make scrambled eggs, added cream and s and p. Can I cook them tomorrow? Am I the biggest worrywart in the world?

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TiggyBee added about 3 years ago

As long as they're covered, you're good!

katiebakes added about 3 years ago

Oh yeah they'll be perfectly alright! I have never added cream and then saved them, but so many times when a recipe has called for just an egg white I've saved the egg yolk for several days and it's always been okay; perfect to put in cornbread.

foodfighter added about 3 years ago

Yes you can do that. Also, if you have stock piled eggs you can actually save them in the freezer. Depending on if you save only whites, only yolks or whole eggs, you may have to add salt, sugar or lemon juice. See McGee On Food and Cooking (section on preserving/storing Eggs).

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