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if I take the cocoa powder out of a cake recipe because I dont want it to be chocolate will it mess up the texture of the cake?

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spiffypaws added about 3 years ago

You could add back an equivalent amount of flour and look at tweaking your flavor profile as well.


hardlikearmour is a trusted home cook.

added about 3 years ago

I agree with spiffypaws, sub and equal amount of AP or cake flour for the chocolate to keep the texture the same.

katiebakes added about 3 years ago

I have done that before with perfect results; just make sure to add back the same amount of flour.

Soozll added about 3 years ago

The online Cooks Thesaurus states "1/4 cup of cocoa can be replaced by 2 Tbsp's of flour" as a substitute. I don't know if they qualify as an authority, but it sort of makes sense to me. There isn't any gluten in cocoa and that should be taken into consideration when replacing it with flour in a cake. I would think the sugar in the cake would need to be reduced some, as well. I'm not an expert, so I'd find probably to find another recipe!

Soozll added about 3 years ago

Whoa! I didn't edit that very well! Uh....I'd go find another recipe, is what I meant!

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