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anyone have a simple recipe for Halibut that won't stink up the house?

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TiggyBee added about 3 years ago

I've never had a problem with Halibut..if it's fresh you should be good to go. Salmon? that's another story.

gigiaxline added about 3 years ago

A good tip is to fill a shallow dish/jar with a little bit of bleach and set it on the counter when you're cooking fish. The bleach will actually absorb the fishy "aroma" from cooking fish.

Sam1148 added about 3 years ago

My partner doesn't care much for cooked fish. It's the oil in the skin that he objects too. I have my halibut skinned now, or skin it myself. It cuts down a lot on cooking odors.

One that was a hit was Grilled Halibut with Chimichurri sauce.

Use the leftover sauce later on a flank steak, marinated in lime and garlic and grilled and sliced.

Lizthechef added about 3 years ago

Fresh halibut should smell like chicken, if anything. Change your fish market!

rowermarcie added about 3 years ago

Halibut is great grilled with an easy "teriyaki" marinade: brown sugar, soy sauce and a big of sesame oil. Make two or three long slashes in the fish surface, about 1/4 inch deep, cover the fish with marinade. You can also roast this marinated halibut, wrapped in foil, in a 400 degree oven. No need to marinate much before cooking. and, yes, Lizthechef is right, fresh halibut has no odor. Nor does fresh salmon.

fromajolie added about 3 years ago

The foil-steamed cod is our go-to recipe for cooking thicker cuts of fish perfectly every time -- and there's no smell! Full-flavored, tender and flaky. Try it: http://tinyurl.com/4pxb5qt....


fromajolie added about 3 years ago

I meant to add that you could of course sub the halibut for cod in this recipe!

pauljoseph added about 3 years ago

Dsc_0020 It's best to clean fish as soon as possible after they come out of the water. For us the fisher man clean and filet for us.
Try this recipe


Sodium Girl added about 3 years ago

I like making fish hot pockets - wrap the halibut in tin foil with some diced vegetables, lime juice, fresh herbs, and a little wine. Stick in the oven (350 dgF) and cook for 15. The result is flavorful fish with an aromatic explosion - not stinky fish smells.


Sally Mc added about 3 years ago

2-21_halibut_fish_sticks I tried the Halibut Fish Sticks recipe at Epicuious Monday and it was great.

David Ball added 6 months ago

I took some badish smelling halibut and too a pot 60% water 40% milk boiled it until the smell was gone then took scampi sauce and lemon juice salt and pepper just a few dashes of each then baked it for 20 minutes and after filled it with mozzerella cheese and pan seared it. best halibut I've had fresh out of the ocean with some help from some simple ingredients..

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