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What is a good savory vegan snack to make for a group of Buddhists? No onions/garlic of any sort allowed with this type of vegetarianism.

asked by shaska over 4 years ago
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How about hummus & pita chips omitting the garlic?

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This was made keeping in mind a very 'kosher' guideline that a lot of orthodox hindus follow, You may omit the ghee if you want to avoid any dairy.


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ChezSuzanne's red pepper dip is phenomenal, and I have made it without the creme fraiche (thus vegan) and added extra coconut milk. It is really good served on bread toasts:

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I concur with ChezSuzanne's red pepper dip. Mark Bittman has a recipe for a chickpea pizza that is really wonderful and would compliment the red pepper dip or stand on its own.

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Potato Tikkis would be very satisfying.

Boil potatoes. Add salt, roasted cumin powder and pepper and mash really well. Take lemon sized balls of potato and flatten to 1/2 inch thickness and shallow fry till it browns on either side. Serve with cilantro chutney [cilantro, mint, green chillies,lemon juice,salt, pepper. Blend. Add a dollop of thick yogurt to the chutney if you want creamy.
Serve with hot, sweet milk tea.

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Sorry, edit previous response of milk and yogurt. Didn't notice the vegan part. It will still work.


Anita is a vegan pastry chef & founder of Electric Blue Baking Co. in Brooklyn.

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My raw vegan blue cheese dressing is garlic and onion-free! A yummy and satsifying snack paired with vegetable crudites.


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Onigiri, Japanese rice balls with vegan fillings. My roommate in college used to make these for road trips, they were a snack from his childhood and they are great fun to eat. He would wrap them fully in nori and the filling in the center was always a surprise. Many recipes call for salmon or tuna, but he used pickled vegetables, marinated tofu and various sauces.


Sam is a trusted home cook.

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Kale Chips with sea salt and a spray of olive oil.

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roasted, seasoned nuts.

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how about a platter of grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, red bell peppers, etc) drizzled with good olive oil, a splash of balsamic, and salt and pepper. brushetta would also be delicious (minus garlic, of course), as would stuffed mushrooms. for a more asian twist, you could do steamed vegetable dumplings.