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@Foodpickle what's good to add to homemade banana milkshake , I've used yoghurt, milk, banana...and.....???? Also, how long will it last?

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Panfusine added about 3 years ago

Cardamom works fabulously, just crush a pods worth of seeds (its a strong flavor), along with some honey ( if the banana is really ripe, you can omit the honey).

student epicure added about 3 years ago

strawberries! chocolate (like cocoa powder)!! peanut butter! wheat germ or flax too. that said, i don't think i've ever tried to save one -- they don't usually last that long =)

Mariodc added about 3 years ago

Ooh cardamon is a good idea, and peanut butter sounds amazing. I will try that now, thank you

Spork added about 3 years ago

I like blueberries, strawberries (most any kind of fruit really), buttermilk, honey, ice cream, a bit of vanilla or almond extract, a spoonful of your favorite jam, peanut butter, cottage cheese, chocolate sauce, ice cubes if it's hot out....lots and lots of things go with bananas =).

Have noticed that shakes/smoothies don't last all that long after you make them, even if you refrigerate them....maybe a couple of hours at the most. If I have a lot left over, I like to pour it into ice cube trays and freeze to add the cubes to future drinks.

Mariodc added about 3 years ago

Peanut butter is amazing it makes it gelatinous, I've used really expensive peanut butter too! I'll try cardamon next time

Mariodc added about 3 years ago

Ahhh you guys are amazing! Freezing it into ice cube trays!!!! Awesome

beyondcelery added about 3 years ago

Almond butter, frozen bananas, and soymilk makes a smoothie that's almost like ice cream, it's so creamy and tasty. Cocoa powder or chocolate chips are great. Add whole almonds or pecans and blend them up for protein and creaminess. Nutmeg is delicious, and I'll second that cardamom suggestion. Maple syrup, if you want to sweeten it slightly.

IlovePhilly added about 3 years ago

A little bit of tahini and a couple of chopped dates make for a hyper decadent experience. Best with a frozen banana. I swear it's like the best milkshake you've ever had!

innoabrd added about 3 years ago

I used to do smoothies for my wife to boost her calcium during pregnancy. Used frozen fruit, milk and dry skim milk powder to add extra calcium, sweetened with a bit of molasses.

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