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can you please tell me why when we make a cheese and tomato and ham open tart why does the meat burn before it is properly cooke

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ChefDaddy added about 3 years ago

What is your method of cooking? What is your oven temp? Are you using a broiler? Are we talking slices of ham or dices, how big are your pieces of meat? Is this a specific recipe on food 52?

A little info would help in answering your question so that we don't have to guess would be helpful.

ian_mccully added about 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply appreciated .

Puff pastry in the oven 200c no broiler , thin slices of ham, no it isnt a specific menu on here it is a recipe on puff pastry packet thanks for all your help in advance


jacqueline and ian

ChefDaddy added about 3 years ago

OK- So you need the 200C for the puff to spring but maybe turning it down to a lower temp to finish cooking after the puff has sprung would help. Also, whatever the top layer is, it's going to brown. You might want to layer so that whatever is ok to brown should be on the top layer. Maybe the cheese and tomato should cover the ham. And if your were using convection, try turning it off. I hope this helps!

ian_mccully added about 3 years ago

I see thanks for all your help and if you need any help with pc problems just email me thanks

No need to email me as additional
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