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LookIng for cracker or savoury shortbread recipe without cheese

I'm trying to find a recipe for a cracker or shortbread that is savoury, that I can roll out and stamp with my new, cute mini cookie cutters, that's flavourful enough to eat as an appetiser with drinks without any dip or spread along with it, but without cheese ( other dairy ok though). I saw some olive shortbreads on 101 cookbooks, but these were also sweet. Whole grain flours preferred. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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HCR added almost 3 years ago

Maybe the sugar can be reduced in these recipes?

I recently made the Sweet and Salty Herbed Shortbread recipe by Food52 and loooved it. And also I really want to try this:


SKK added almost 3 years ago

These are wonderful - http://www.food52.com/recipes...

SKK added almost 3 years ago

Sorry, missed the without cheese. Too much coffee and sunshine!

SKK added almost 3 years ago

This is what I mean to say - these are great! http://www.anjasfood4thought...

Jessl added almost 3 years ago

Thanks h.c.r and SKK, I've seen a few recipes like the sweet and salty herbed shortbread but I'm a little bit skeptical about the salty /sweet combo, interested to hear you loved it. The chickpea crackers sound great, do you think they would hold a cookie cutter shape when baked?

SKK added almost 3 years ago

I think so having not seen your cookie cutters. It seems to me it would depend on how thick you roll them out and then adjust cooking times if thicker.

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