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Anyone have a recipe for fresh strawberry pie filling that doesn't involve gelatin?

I've made these pies twice before but I can't find my recipe. I like the strawberries to stay as crisp as possible. Bonus points if there's balsamic vinegar involved. (Also: recipe doesn't have to be vegan or anything, I just detest gelatin.)

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beyondcelery added almost 3 years ago

Have you tried just using corn starch in place of the gelatin? I use cornstarch in my berry pie recipes with great success. I even use it as the binder for my vegan pumpkin pie and no one can tell the difference.

matchaflan added almost 3 years ago

if you can get hold of them, arrow roots powder, tapioca starch, and other binding ingredients are great vegetarian/vegan replacements for gelatin, unless that's not your concern.

matchaflan added almost 3 years ago

oh and agar too

jeinde added almost 3 years ago

The other way to go is a fresh strawberry tart. Pre bake a tart shell and fill with pastry cream then top with artfully arranged fresh strawberries (either whole ones, standing up, or halved ones, cut side down), then glaze with currant jelly.

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