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Need a simple but good bellini recipe - wouldn't hurt if it was frozen, either. Thanks!

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Suzanne is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added almost 3 years ago

Here is a link to the recipe for the original belini created at Harry's bar in Venice Italy

lorigoldsby added almost 3 years ago

If you want the bellinis to be frozen, either pre-freeze the puree or use frozen sliced peaches to lessen the need for ice. This will keep the drinks from getting watery. Traditional bellinis call for sparkling wine but that's hard to run through a blender without making a frothy mess. So I use the peach schnapps and some vanilla vodka with the frozen peach puree and a minimal amount of ice and then just add a "topping" shot glass of the champagne/prosecco/sparkling wine after you pour it into the glass.

Oh, and take a cue from the beer drinkers and put your glasses in the freezer to frost. You can add a sugar rim of Demerara if you want.

Summer of Eggplant added almost 3 years ago

I just buy the peach nectar, Looza or Da Fruta brands, keep in fridge and top with Prosecco. Very simple.

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