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Uses for sukiyaki style sliced beef.

I've purchased some sliced beef (sukiyaki style) I need to use. It's been in the freezer.
Tonight I plan on making braised beef rolls with it. But that will still leave a lot leftover. It really can't go back in the freezer raw after I use a bit tonight.
Any suggestions for tomorrow---preferably something that would be able to vac pack and freeze after cooked.

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Wow, this is interesting. When I worked in Japan I became addicted to Shabu Shabu, which is a communal pot of broth and everyone puts in their beef or chicken and vegetables and noodles a little at a time and dips out and enjoys. This has been my go to receipe http://oishiieats.blogspot... You could do this tomorrow night, and then freeze what is cooked. It won't be as much fun the second time around, and it will still be good.

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I was thinking on the line of Shabu Shabu as well. Chinese hot pot and fondue are similar options.

Another dish I was thinking about is Negimaki, Japanese beef rolls. The versions I've seen usually has scallion in the middle, but you can use other vegetables such as asparagus. I don't know if that is too similar to the braised beef rolls you've made already though.


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That's exactly what I was talking about, rolled with green beans, carrots, in the middle--soy braised. I also did a quick stir fry with onion, mushroom, cuban peppers, and oyster sauce for freezing.

I still about a 1lb of the raw meat left. I think I'll marinate them overnight and make jerky tomorrow.
It was pretty lean cut, sliced very thin--and a bit, it's probably good for jerky, no?

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Jerky sounds good. With it already sliced, it saves you from having to cut it.

Come to think of it, it's also good for pho.

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I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and they were sampling a wrap version of a Philly Cheese steak sandwich that used thinly sliced beef. Quickly cook the beef, warm a slice of Lavosh bread and melt some swiss cheese onto the bread. Top with browned thinly sliced beef and then top with roasted peppers, roll up and enjoy!