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What to do with my Portabella stems?

I just harvested some Portabella's and would like to make use of the stems. Any suggestions on how to use them? Soup? Sauce? PLease share!

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nannydeb added almost 3 years ago
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Make stock! Mushroom stock is great for pot roast, beef stew or soup. You can freeze it until it's soup season again.


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added almost 3 years ago

Second the motion!


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added almost 3 years ago

Duxelles.Finely chop with shallots (you do that in a food processor), saute in butter. Spread on toast or serve next to a veal chop.

a Whole Foods Market Customer added almost 3 years ago

stock, it is !


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added almost 3 years ago

If you fine dice them, season with salt and pepper, and cook them in very hot oil until crisp and browned it is a nice substitute for bacon bits on a salad.

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