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Is there a good way to freeze cooked brown rice?

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added almost 3 years ago

I freeze leftover rice all the time. It's such a good treasure to have on hand. Stuff it into a ziplock bag, zip it locked, flatten out, and lay flat in the freezer. It takes up less space, and both freezes and thaws quickly.


Chef Michael Kiss is the Cooking Coach at Whole Foods Market in Rockville, Md.

added almost 3 years ago

I often freeze beans and whole grains. I place the well drained grains on a sheet pan and freeze. Then I break up the grains and put the loose frozen grain in a bag and back in the freezer. This way you can pour out just a bit and leave the rest in the freezer

the professor added almost 3 years ago

This article from the much-missed Minimalist column (Mark Bittman, NY Times) gives tips on freezing grains and everything else--a total gem.

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