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Why is kiwi fuzzy?

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Kristen is the Senior Editor of Food52

added almost 3 years ago

Good question! It would be interesting to hear a horticulturist's answer, but from a nutrition standpoint, the fuzzy skin is edible and full of fiber.

Sam1148 added almost 3 years ago

The same reason peaches have fuzz. It makes it less attractive for bugs that land on them; the little hairs annoy some bugs, and keeps the fruit from drying out by slowing down air movement over the surface of the fruit holding in moisture. Also, the morning dew collects on the hair and helps hydrate the fruit.

SKK added almost 3 years ago

Spent a lot of time in peach orchards in Idaho, and did not connect peaches with Kiwi by taste or scent. This is an interesting question. Peach fuzz brings its own kind of itch - don't itch with kiwi fuzz. Love Sam1148 answer and can't seem to connect kiwi and peaches. Help!

Sam1148 added almost 3 years ago


I'm just extrapolating from 'fuzz' on fruit. Not taste. They're both fuzzy fruits, in hot humid environments. Some bugs really don't like 'fuzz' it irritates their bodies and lifts them off the body of the fruit preventing them from laying eggs. A fruit fly would just scuttle about the surface of the fruit on the fuzz, finding no place to lay eggs.

Seriously, I'm just guessing the Kiwi developed the same type of defense as peaches did. Holding in moisture, protection against bugs, and collecting dew.

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