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A question about a recipe: Peony Ice Cream with a Blackberry Honey Swirl

I have a question about the recipe "Peony Ice Cream with a Blackberry Honey Swirl" from Dabblings.I
I found peonies at the farmers market. Am I using the WHOLE flower except stamen and stem? My flowers have large outer petals (like roses) and the smaller, tighter inner petals.

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SMAmato added almost 3 years ago

Chef_sandy I'd suggest using the smaller petals, as I'd think they would be more tender and perhaps have more flavor. Sounds like a nice recipe; there's nothing better than homemade ice cream!

Dabblings added almost 3 years ago

I used all the petals not the staymen or the stem. The key to this recipe is that the flowers need to be heavily scented. If they aren't the ice cream won't carry a strong peony flavor.

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