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Can anyone give me a primer on dragonfruit please? how does it taste? any prep tips? Thanks!

asked by Panfusine over 4 years ago
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Pierino was recently playing with them. I've only had them raw - they remind me a bit of kiwi. I just cut it in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon, then cut it into bite sized pieces. Yum!


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Yes hardlikearmour is right here is the link

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Thanks.. Missed the older posts. sorry for redundantly asking the qn again!

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Here is another link of questions about dragonfruit. We have a lot of it in the stores here and I was too timid to buy it until I read this question and all the posts. No question is redundant, it gives us a chance to learn again.

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It's very pretty but pretty bland! The little seeds scattered throughout remind me of the seeds in kiwi, but the flesh is very mild in flavor and more watery than a kiwi.

added over 4 years ago I was back in Cincinnati today and picked up more of these. Having this for lunch on Friday


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Yes, askann, I agree that the result is disappointing in relation to the promise of the shell. Like kiwi, yes, but not as acidic or, actually, interesting in terms of flavor. But with regard to texture & appearance, over the top!

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I kind of wonder if it's one of those things, like mangoes, that really are much better closer to the source. I've never had a mango in the US that could compare to those I had in India, or even Egypt.