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Substitution for sake?

My spouse is making a yakitori dish from F+W, it calls for 3 cups of sake. We don't have any. Are we going to the store of having something else for dinner?

asked by Summer of Eggplant about 3 years ago
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Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added about 3 years ago

A white wine on the sweet-ish side should do just fine.

added about 3 years ago

Lillet? Would it work? Could I cut with something else?

added about 3 years ago

I use sherry cut with water.

added about 3 years ago

Chilled sake in the summertime is so, so good! Am happy to learn about the substitutions, though. One of the many things I love about Foodpickle is how much gas I save when I get to ask about substitutions. No have to go back to the storee

added about 3 years ago