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Does anyone have advice about whether corn you buy at the beginning of the season and corn you buy at the end of the season should be cooked for different lengths of time?

asked by rocombo about 5 years ago
added about 5 years ago

I grow six varieties of corn in my garden, and there really is little difference in cooking times between early corn and a late variety (Silver Queen, for ex.). We pick and shuck the corn as close as possible to the time we'll eat it, to preserve its sweetness---that's the most important thing.

added about 5 years ago

Never heard of different cooking times. But if your asking because you had an experience with an ear of corn with a tougher kernal that wasn't pleasing to eat, I've been there. And no matter the amount of cooking it was still horrible. Must of been a type or variety.

added about 5 years ago

The time of cooking should not change. However, the application can change. Early season corn is sweeter, and I use it in sweet corn pancakes or tamales. Late season corn generally is starchier, and I will do a baked corn that is some grated corn with some whole kernels dotted with butter. When you bake in a hot oven it becomes custard-like due to the starch. I often serve this with carmelized onion, and sometimes with avocado and sriracha.