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what can i make with chicken,rice and corn?

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pauljoseph added over 2 years ago

33 http://www.recipesmela...

lbgirl added over 2 years ago

You could make some sort of variant on an arroz con pollo, which is found in a number of Latin American countries. I'd probably base it on the saffron rice an old boyfriend used to make - saute a minced garlic clove in good olive oil (he used garlic salt, but I like fresh better). Add some saffron threads and rice and toast slightly. Add chicken stock and cook the rice until done. I don't know what kind of chicken you have - you could saute it separately and then add it, or if it is already cooked, just add it. Arroz con pollo often has peas in it - you could add some, or you could use just the corn, or a combination of the two in the rice. Mix it all together and it should be delicious!

DarkAzyia MarenWolf added over 2 years ago

thank you very much hon that sounds good but the saffron is expensive


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added over 2 years ago

Apologies for the spam -- we're working to track it down.

lbgirl added over 2 years ago

Saffron IS expensive, but you use very little of it - a few strands are enough.

skittle added over 2 years ago

I do a mexican style lasagna using these ingredients.
Place a bit of salsa on the bottom of a casserole dish...then a layer of tortillas, top with some refried beans, some shredded cooked chicken, rice, salsa (add your corn to the salsa) and just keep repeating the layers.You can get really creative-adding anything you'd like-hot peppers, sour cream, pretty much anything. Finish with a layer of cheese on top. Then just bake it off in the oven. It's really fantastic.

BusDriver added over 2 years ago

Ooooh!! The possibilities are endless!!

Roast and skin some poblano peppers, stuff those little boogers with your (cooked) rice, chicken, and corn (got any cheese? add that too!), nestle in a baking dish, top with enchilada sauce (from a can if you need to be speedy, fresh if you're feeling fancy) and a little more cheese. Bake at 375 until good and heated through.

Too much work? Heat some oil in a large nonstick skillet, add your trifecta up there and cook until heated through. Add some freshly grated ginger and a few glugs of soy sauce and you've got chicken fried rice. Add a scrambled egg and some scallions if the dish feels lonely.

Hope this helps!

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