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A question about a recipe: Stuffed chili pepper pakoras


I have a question about the recipe "Stuffed chili pepper pakoras" from Panfusine. Love the recipe and my question is - stringcheese a necessity? Can I use grated mozzarella? Not much of a string cheese fan.

asked by SKK about 3 years ago
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added about 3 years ago

Not aware of the particular recipe but it sounds like paneer, ricotta, or mozz would be more appropriate. Isn't string cheese just badly processed mozz?

added about 3 years ago

Oh absolutely you can, SKK, just combine part of the seasoned breadcrumbs with the grated mozzarella & stuff it in, the remaining breadcrumbs, you can add it to the chickpea batter. i used string cheese purely because it was easier to just roll in the breadcrumbs &stuff in!

added about 3 years ago

@sivashankaran, String cheese may a convenient kiddie comfort food, but the processing is simply by pulling the mozzarella in hot water into strings to form the shape.rather than pressing down as is the case with cheeses like paneer & halloumi . the stringiness is a characteristic of the cheese protein. No major chemical processing involved as with slices of kraft singles!
yes, any of the cheeses you mentioned may be used , & each would impart its characteristic to the finished dish!