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What is local and fresh in Edinburgh, Scotland?

I'm moving soon and hope to have a head start on what I can find in the grocery. Where are the markets, the butchers, and the fish markets? Are they open year-long? All suggestions, advice, links welcome!

Also, where are the best Asian food supply stores?

asked by Wineforthechef over 4 years ago
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The Edinburgh Farmer's Market is open every Saturday year-round: http://www.edinburghfarmersmarket...

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One of my dearest, lifelong friends lives in Edinburgh - I'll ask her if she minds sharing her email and contact you off line with the information. She's very food oriented and loves to visit the markets, etc...

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I was in Edinburgh in June and ate a truly incredible meal at the Michelin star restaurant The Kitchin. 98% of their food is local, so I would recommend you call the restaurant and ask where they sourse their fish, meat, cheese, and bread. Make a reservation for yourself while you're at it; you won't regret it!

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Thanks s much everyone, I will check these out!