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Having a hard time being creative for dinner. I want to use shredded venison in a main dish
Any suggestions?

asked by Verdigris over 5 years ago
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added over 5 years ago

I think I've had venison once in my life. BUT, how about using it as you would shredded pork or beef, like in a taco, enchilada, chili, or as in a pulled pork sandwich?


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added over 5 years ago

Is the venison already cooked and shredded? I really like venison. And per mrslarkin, chili or tacos might be a good call. Myself I'd be tempted to do something insane like venison, kimchi tacos. But I've also braised venison shoulder with grapes in a style I tasted in Assisi. You could substitute prunes for grapes as well.


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added over 5 years ago

You could substitute the ground elk for shredded venison:

added over 5 years ago

I like to do venison stuffed grape leaves. If your into that sort of thing. I use venison for alot of different things but use as a lamb substitute when in abundance after hunting season.