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A question about a recipe: Himalayan Blackberry Pie


I have a question about the recipe "Himalayan Blackberry Pie" from lapadia. Can I substitute cornstarch for the tapioca, and if so, does anyone know what the correct substitution should be? Thanks.

asked by ATG117 over 4 years ago
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Hi! Yes, this question was asked in the Foodpickle before and I answered:
2 tbls. Instant tapioca = 1 tbl cornstarch
Recipe calls for 3 tbls. instant tapioca which would = 1-1/2 tbls cornstarch


I would dilute the cornstarch with the lemon or lime juice before adding to the remaining step 3 ingredients. Note: one of the reasons (not stated in the recipe) for the ingredients to sit for about 15 minutes is because it helps break up the little tapioca pearls, as well as allowing the flavors to blend – so you would probably not need to let it sit all that long, but it won’t hurt.

When you go back to the recipe page check out the previous foodpickle answers, a lot of interesting info. :)

Would love to know how your pie comes out!

added over 4 years ago

Thanks. I scrolleddown for a bit to see if this had been asked. Must have missed it. Thanks for repeating!

added over 4 years ago

No problem, Enjoy!