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What are some good healthy snacks for college students?

asked by a Whole Foods Market Customer over 3 years ago
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added over 3 years ago

Dried fruit, hummus come to mind immediately.

added over 3 years ago

SKK is so right . . .. hummus is always a favorite with me! Pairing hummus with veggies. I also snack on almonds (in moderation), and homemade granola.

added over 3 years ago

Along with the above suggestions, I'm a fan of greek yogurt as a snack, or oatmeal. Crackers with peanut or almond butter are good as well.

added over 3 years ago

edamame, soy crisps, and I agree with what has already been mentioned. I love snacking on good sundried tomatoes, but that may just be me. PB packs also come in handy. One last idea...SO delicious fudge pops (no HFCS).