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Leftover tomato seeds/inerds

I hate wasting anything. Can you do anything useful with the seeds you scoop out of tomatoes? :)

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Kristen is the Senior Editor of Food52

added over 2 years ago

One idea would be to strain them and drink the delicious "tomato water" that's left -- as is or in a Bloody Mary.

Helen's All Night Diner added over 2 years ago

You can add to soups, stews, etc. Either strain before or after...

Summer of Eggplant added over 2 years ago

I save them in the freezer along with carrot scrapings, onion butts, mushroom stems, limp celery, etc. and make vegetable stock when I have accumulated enough scraps.

susan g added over 2 years ago

Recently I have been reading that what gets scooped out of tomatoes really has the best, most tomato-ey taste. If you have to take it out, use it!

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