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too much cauliflower! suggestions?

vegetarian suggestions please! oh no cheese!

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Droplet added over 2 years ago

I don't know if you have ever had it pickled, but it is very good that way. Here is a really nice recipe:

sfmiller added over 2 years ago

Roast it. So simple, and even children will eat cauliflower prepared this way.

Cut into florets or slice the entire head into 1/3" or so slices (some will break apart--it's OK). Coat lightly with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and roast at high temperature (400-450F) until browned.

a Whole Foods Market Customer added over 2 years ago

Roast it with olive oil, corainder, and shallots. From that point you can eat as is, toss in a salad, or puree into a soup! Cauliflower is also spectacular in a Thai curry with coconut milk.


June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added over 2 years ago

I roast it alone or sometimes with other veggies like brussels sprouts, garlic, pearl onions, etc. I cut it into small florets and put them in a zip lock bag with herbs, salt and pepper and olive oil. I like to let that sit a few hours before pouring onto a half sheet pan and roasting for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. A little curry powder for cauliflower is also tasty.

wssmom added over 2 years ago

This is the very first recipe I prepared when I came across Food52 and it still rocks!


shemanufactures added over 2 years ago

Mashed cauliflower - I'm planning to make it this weekend to go with Beef Burgundy. This recipe looks good but I haven't tried it yet:


ATG117 added over 2 years ago

Cauliflower soup is delicious. You can throw in some curry, a flavor combo I am a fan of. Cauliflower souffle is another idea that comes to mind. You can do a cauiflower and sunchoke puree, cauliflowe and yukon golds, or just plain old cauliflower. Otherwise, roasted cauliflower is one of my absolute faves- plain and simple (salt, pepper, evoo- as noted above), with some fresh herbs, good parm, or toasted breadcrumbs. yum.

(P.S. I very much second wssmom's recipe suggestion.

mensaque added over 2 years ago

I usually just boil the lovely thing along some garlic and add some butter for the fun of it...but roasted sounds great!Also,you can mash it and fold into a souflée base...heaven!

mensaque added over 2 years ago

I forgot something:I was going to mention that if you're not afraid of or averse to deep frying,do it "a milanese"...Boil the cauliflower's florets(well seasoned),and cover in lightly beaten eggs and breadcrums,deep fry in any vegetable oil.Even better if you dunk it in some cheese fondue,but it may be somewhat offensive to the purists.

Sam1148 added over 2 years ago

Cauliflower CousCous. Trim down to florets. Pulse lightly in a food processor in batches if needed. To make a Couscous like grain. Don't over processes.
Lightly saute just to soften, you don't want mush. Add some water/stock and cumin and olive oil while cooking.

Use as you would couscous. It's great with a Tagine of lamb stew with preserved lemons and olives. Or a veggie Tagine with summer squash, mushrooms, eggplant, carrots etc...with preserved lemon (or just lemon zest and juice).

sheredel added over 2 years ago

I am truly astonished by all the response, thank you all so much. have done a combo of several sugestions at once! roasted in oven, olive oil, curry, lemon zest a bit of juice and honey- salt pepper not necessarily given in order used.

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