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I put this olive oil in the fridge and a thick white sludge & clumps formed. What is it? Is it ok to use? http://t.co/CPLsgJ3K

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Sam1148 added over 2 years ago

It's fine. it's the veggie fats in the oil cooling.
Just bring it to room temp to use.
It's a good way to store oil that you don't use often, like walnut oils, sesame oils, almond oils etc. Because it keeps them from becoming rancid.

As for olive oil.That's never a problem around here as that gets used up far quicker than it can loose flavor.

JessicaBakes added over 2 years ago

Interesting fact: safflower oil is the only type of oil that does NOT get clumpy like this when refrigerated.

cheekoli added over 2 years ago

I have some light olive oil in the fridge that did not get clumpy at all. Maybe oils with a certain property?

Why did the extra virgin oil clump so strangely, rather than, say, bacon fat which solidifies evenly?

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