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Can I make milk or semisweet chocolate from bittersweet chocolate?

I am making hundreds of truffles to give as party favors at my wedding. I can get a really good deal on Sharffen Berger 70% chocolate on Amazon, but it may be a little too dark for many people. Can I simply add more cream and sugar-- or will this result in a more liquid-y ganache and a less firm truffle?

Any general tips on truffle making/preserving are also greatly appreciated. Thank you all!

asked by 1tsplove over 4 years ago
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I am not a truffle expert but make fruit and nut bark during the holidays. I mix some milk chocolate with my dark to take the edge off. By adding more cream it may make the ganache too thin.


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Don't add extra cream or sugar, as it affect the final texture. If you wanted to sweeten up the dark chocolate you could do a blend of dark plus white or dark plus milk like sdebrango suggested. I wouldn't vary from the recipe by too much or your ganache may not be stiff enough. I've found this site to be helpful for candy making in general: