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How long can I keep a can of Thai red curry paste once it's opened? It must be forever.

asked by ENunn over 5 years ago
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added over 5 years ago

As long as its in the refrigerator, then yes it should last for at least three months if not longer.


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added over 5 years ago

Put it in a glass jar for storing. The metal can, once opened, can impart an unpleasant flavor to the paste. As Mr Vittles says, 3 to 4 months sounds about right. ;o)

added over 5 years ago

In the glass jar - i am counting on mine to last many months (a nice alternative to consider in the future is the Spice House Thai red curry powder for reconstitution - very acceptable substitute (better? yes.) alternative for the jarred version - trip to MKE or mail order is worthwhile - so good.)

added over 5 years ago

Glass jar isn't necessary - small plastic tupperware works fine, although you can't ever use it for anything else after that, as it will pick up the curry smell and it's nearly impossible to get rid of! But once transferred and kept airtight, it lasts a loooong time.

added over 5 years ago

I'm laughing, that you guys think 3 - 4 months is a long time. I just decided that it was time to replace mine. It's been about ten months, I think. Yes, I think changing those curry pastes once a year, whether they need it or not, is a good idea. (By the way, they don't last so long in the winter, when I use them a lot. But March through August I barely touch 'em.)