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What type of end grain cutting board is best? Walnut? Maple?

I am in the market to buy an end grain cutting board... I was thinking of getting a walnut board end grain board. Does anybody have any reviews or thoughts about the boards at http://www.endgraincuttingboard... . I cannot seem to find reviews for these boards from this site, however they look quite nice though.
Here are the questions I have, any help would be great!
What should I look for in an end grain board? I’m quite confused as there are too many choices out there and hundreds of different sites.
Is walnut a good choice as far as material? It looks too nice , will it get ruined? Is it too hard/soft?
Is it worth the money to get an end grain board vs edge grain?
If I get one with a gravy channel is that difficult to clean?
They say they use mineral oil and beeswax on them, is that normal? Or should it be sealed with a clear coating of some sort?
Should I get a cutting board with legs / feet on it? Or is it better to have it without feet so I can flip the board over?
Any recommendations would be great!

asked by RogerK about 3 years ago
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added about 3 years ago

I use a maple board with feet, but just one among many. Once a week I sanitize it with a bleach/water solution, then oil it with a food-grade oil (visit your hardware store or a good kitchen store). Don't wax it. Gravy channel - not a problem. I have an edge-grain board with one (I believe it's ash), and I wash it well, dry it outside, and follow the same procedure as with all my wooden boards. I have a little cutting board addiction, you see. I only use plastic boards for stinky stuff - onion, garlic, roquefort. Those I put in the dishwasher, but never the wood boards.


Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

added about 3 years ago

Ultimately, the best cutting board is the one that makes you the happiest.