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Can you substitute superfine sugar for regular sugar when baking cookies?

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JessicaBakes added over 2 years ago

what type of cookies? can you provide the recipe for more context? Generally speaking, this could affect texture. If nothing else, take your regular sugar for a ride in the food processer and, ta da! superfine sugar!

jvcooks added over 2 years ago

Thanks JessicaBakes - I'm making homemade black & white cookies for my sons class and realized I only have superfine sugar and the recipe calls for regular.


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added over 2 years ago

I've often wondered about that. "Superfine" sugar seems to be the standard in the five pound bags at the grocery store these days. It's a bit finer, but I use it all the time in baking where "sugar" is called for, with no problems whatsoever. But I'd be interested to see what the people who bake a lot with sugar have to say about this. ;o)

jvcooks added over 2 years ago

Well I went ahead and proceeded as my 8 year old was getting eager to carry on -- I'll report back on how they turn out! Thanks AntoniaJames.

Droplet added over 2 years ago

You can but you might need to make a minor adjustment, as in terms of volume 1 c superfine sugar is more than 1 c regular granulated sugar. Generally superfine sugar melts faster in the creaming of butter and sugar step, if your recipe involves that. I'd say for something like oatmeal cookies you regular granulated sugar and even turbinado are fine. Fore more delicate cookies or cookies which might call for mixing the sugar with the dry ingredients, the superfine would yield a finer crumb.

Droplet added over 2 years ago

(sorry about the typos,miss the edit button) Superfine would also be better for when you need to caramelize sugar by the dry method because you have to worry less about sugar crystals not melting and the melted ones burning,as well as for macerating fruit and berries

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