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How does one cut the fennel for this salad? I'd appreciate as much detail as you can provide on the best method for doing so. Thank you so much. ;o)

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asked over 4 years ago
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Super thinly, I would use a mandolin for quickness . This one is my fave:


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Hi, AJ! I like to remove the fronds and any yucky outer pieces of the fennel, then cut the fennel in half from the frond end to the root end. Use a paring knife to remove the core. Lay the fennel half cut side down, and thinly slice perpendicular to the way you halved the fennel. If I want the pieces paper thin I'll use a veggie peeler.

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I use one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, a Kyocera adjustable mandolin slicer, for slicing fennel. This is a very easy tool, requires no set-up, and you have a choice of four different thicknesses, so it's great for everything from garlic to cucumbers. I cut the bottom end off of the fennel and start slicing at that end, leaving the rest of it attached to the stems for storage. The second to the thickest slice, I find, is perfect for slicing fennel for salads.