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A question about a recipe: Steamed Brown Bread

I have a question about the recipe "Steamed Brown Bread" from thirschfeld. What other options can we use to bake it in? I love the can idea but most can linings have BPA in them and that is obviously unappealing. Eden organics bean cans don't have BPA but they're lined with something else that is probably kind of bad to heat in contact with the bread. Thoughts for alternate, non-toxic baking molds for this lovely recipe?

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added over 2 years ago
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You can make steamed breads in any container. They just have to fit into your water bath. My neighbor uses a lovely mold. A deep bowl or narrow pot can also work.

susan g added over 2 years ago

I have used a recipe for Boston Brown Bread, the classic steamed 'native' bread, baked in the oven instead of steaming. Also, last I heard, the cans used by Eden Foods are BPA free (I'd check on that). Most recipes I see use a coffee can -- larger, and maybe because the contents are dry instead of wet, also free of BPA.

susan g added over 2 years ago

Sorry, didn't read the rest of your question first, about Eden. Maybe a phone call to them?

susan g added over 2 years ago

Thoughts are coming after 'add.' There are molds sold for steamed puddings.

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