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Need some new ideas for using pumpernickel cocktail bread slices for appetizers.

Remember the old sausage and velvetta spread on the mini breads? We also used pastrami, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese for mini rueben sandwiches....back in the 70's, it was "the" party food... any updated ideas?

asked by lorigoldsby over 3 years ago
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I like smoked salmon with a dilled cream cheese, or a curried chicken salad is delicious on pumpernickel.


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Not sure how this would taste on pumpernickel, but I make Merrill's red onion jam on crostini for every party I cater! You can make the jam up to 2 weeks ahead of time. People go crazy for these:

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I agree about smoked salmon; also gravlax with mustard/dill sauce is classic. Actually, any smoked fish - trout, whitefish, bluefish, etc. - with a little creme fraiche (or sour cream) mixed with horseradish and/or chives, dill...or, a smear of brie and thin black forest (or similar) ham...

One thing though: if you mean those pre-packaged cellophane 'tubes' of pump squares, be careful. They're often really dry and pretty tasteless. (Not sure if that's due to sitting on supermarket shelf too long.) If your local bakery has fresh pump bread, you can have them slice it thin and quarter the slices (or smaller) - have done that and it was much tastier.

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A mixture of Swiss, parmesan and mayo spread on and then run under the broiler is good.