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Vegetable stock: spoiled or safe?

I took 2 quarts of frozen vegetable stock out of the freezer to defrost yesterday morning (exactly 24 hours ago) and promptly forgot about them until just now. They smell and taste fine--are they safe to use? They are totally meat free.

asked by fozziebayer about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

I'd say they're fine!


Natalie is a recipe tester for Food52.

added about 4 years ago

I agree. Depending upon on how long you had it before you froze it initially it should be good for several days.

added about 4 years ago

It was fresh when I froze it... I figure that since it was frozen solid when I left it out, it's probably fine. Thanks all!

added about 4 years ago

I'm sure it's fine. I have done that myself before a few times and used it with no problem. There's probably nothing in the vegetable stock that would cause it to spoil quickly. If it were a chicken stock, I would have second thoughts.