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Can I make stuffing the day before? Should I bake it and then reheat the next day?

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Francesca is the former Assistant Editor of food52 and believes you can make anything out of farro.

added over 2 years ago

You can certainly make the stuffing the day before -- refrigerate it -- and bake it off just before serving. I would bake it entirely and bring it out to cool a bit, not bake, wait, reheat ... if that makes sense. Happy Thanksgiving!


Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added over 2 years ago

Yep me too - in fact I just popped mine in the fridge. The other good thing about baking tomorrow is you can sneak some drippings in there too!

Federico_ added over 2 years ago

Yes, you can, but don't put it in the bird the night before if you're cooking it inside the bird. Stuff only just before cooking.

meganvt01 added over 2 years ago

Just check it while you are re-heating. sometimes after it sits the bread will soak up too much liquid so you might need to add more stock (or delicious drippings as aargersi mentioned).

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