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What can I do with all my Thanksgiving turkey leftovers?

I don't won't to throw all the turkey away. Are there any easy recipes that I can make with leftover frozen turkey or should I toss it?

asked by Angela,LaFollette about 4 years ago
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If you make a pot pie, it will freeze nicely and be very welcome in a few weeks when u are harried and hassles. Same with turkey enchiladas...freeze beautifully.

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I made stock from the carcass, then used that to make a gumbo with the left over meat... It freezes wonderfully. I made a rustic potato and leek soup from the rest of the mashed potatoes and whipping cream.


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Two Thanksgivings ago, there was a contest on just this topic (Best Recipe with Leftover Turkey). WinnieAb's Pho is excellent. When you freeze the turkey, try to put it in a box with some stock or gravy or other sauce. The meat will hold up better through the freezing process if you do. The recipe I submitted for that contest, called "Turkey Sort of Stroganoff" works well with leftover turkey that's been frozen. (We have many more leftovers than we can consume, so I always freeze quite a bit of turkey and work my way through it during December!!) ;o)

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I make a batch of turkey ala king, or your basic pot pie filling. Freeze in small batches and bring out to make with fresh pastry for a or pie, or with pasta, or just on toast. I also freeze slices for future sandwiches. I always use a vacuum packer.

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NYTimes recently had 2 stories on this very topic.

David Tanis published a Mexican-inspired turkey soup recipe that looks promising: http://dinersjournal.blogs...

And of course Mark Bittman provided plenty of inspiration:

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Thanks for the help everyone! I am glad that I can use my leftover turkey with these creative recipes.

added about 4 years ago

Try my Turkey Shiitake Kumquat Quiche. I love turkey leftovers. I roast a turkey between holidays so I can freeze the meat and make various dishes.