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What can I make for dinner using only a toaster oven and a rice cooker (with slow cook function)?

My cooking gas is out til tomorrow, and I'm hungry. I have sweet potatoes, pasta, cheese, carrots, creme fraiche, cranberry sauce...

asked by HeviCooks almost 3 years ago
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added almost 3 years ago

Chop the sweet potatoes (and carrots too if you like) into cubes and toss them in olive oil with salt and black pepper (coriander, ground mustard, and smoked paprika too if you like!). Roast them in the toaster oven at 350-375 for about 20-30min. If you have leftover turkey or another already-cooked meat, you can mix it with a red (or other) sauce and heat slowly in the toaster oven 15-20 minutes. Just make sure it's got sauce around it or it'll dry out.

added almost 3 years ago

Do you have rice? If so, you can cook it in the rice cooker and fold in at the end: peas (frozen), diced cooked turkey or other protein (fish, tofu, chicken), scallions or other herbs.

added almost 3 years ago

The New York Times ran an article a while back about full meals you can make in a rice cooker: http://www.nytimes.com...