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Mountain Range Shiso Loose Leaf Oolong Tea
Photography by James Ransom.

Just our cup of tea.


Mountain Range Shiso Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

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This is a fresh, herbal, light-bodied tea -- perfect to wake up to in the morning. Notes of cinnamon, fennel, mint, watercress, and summer flower provide intensity and refreshment to help you welcome the day or get energized in the mid-afternoon.

  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Made of: Oolong tea
  • Size: 2 ounces (approximately 18 servings)

Sourced from: Té Company

Sourced from Té Company: Elena, Té Company's founder, drank oolong tea every day when she was growing up in Taiwan. Many years later, her culinary interests converged with her childhood ritual as she came to realize the nuances and complexities of the tea's flavor. So in 2012, after two years of studying her craft, she started a company to bring the same awareness and appreciation for oolong teas that she had to the public.

Loose leaf oolong tea can be steeped up to at least 3 times. Especially dark roast oolongs, which tend to be bold and voluminous in flavor, can deliver aromatic infusions up to the fifth steeping. Layers of aroma release as the tea leaves slowly unwind, showcasing a string of flavors at every steeping. Feel free to experiment with brewing time and water to tea ratio catering to your own taste.

For added olfactive experience, rinse the dry tea leaves with boiled hot water prior to first steeping: Pour 1~2 tablespoon of boiled water into the teapot, wait for 3-5 seconds, pour out the water. Inhale the fragrance of lightly damped tea leaves to enjoy delicate aromas released by different oolong varietals.

The best way to preserve tea is to keep it away from direct light, heat, moisture, odor and air. If you don't have a metal tin, put the tea in any air tight canisters. Otherwise, use a strong rubber band to tie together the metalized foiled bag and store in its original box. Ensure the tea is kept away from direct light and heat once it's nicely sealed from air and moisture.

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